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The Centre of e-Learning and Innovative Education (since March 2023; former The Centre of e-Learning) at AGH University of Krakow was founded in 1996 as a life-long learning development unit that evolved into the Centre. It provides technical and pedagogical support in online teaching and learning. CeLIE AGH is responsible for the maintenance of e-learning infrastructure for the University, support for teachers and students as well as research and development in e-learning and blended learning. 



CeLIE supports AGH’s academic teachers in their journey towards the implementation of online activities into the teaching practice. We provide support and training, develop open educational materials and maintain VLE for them.

Designing a platform and materials for learning that are interactive, social and engaging is a real challenge in the online environment. At CeL, we do our best to support teachers in creating engaging and effective online and blended activities. We build upon the ‘e-tivity’ concept of Gilly Salmon, embed Kolb’s model into e-learning design and support reflective learning. We promote e-portfolio based assessment and processing to facilitate personal and professional development. Furthermore, we are eager to experiment, receive feedback and learn by practice.



In 2010, we launched Open AGH, Poland’s first academic repository of open educational resources for STEM subjects. Open AGH gathers courses, presentations, articles and multimedia available under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. It contains materials submitted by the academics, but it also includes reviewed results of students’ work from the “Notes on the Internet” competition. There are more than 100 resources available now and the repository is accessed by approx. 2500 users daily.

In 2013 Open AGH e-Textbooks were launched as the complete textbooks for maths and physics on a university level. The project also included the development of an online system for the creation, publication and review of the textbooks.

In 2016, we hosted the Open Education Global Conference.



The moodle-based learning environment has been the official e-learning platform for AGH-UST since 2004. It is administrated and developed by CeL. CeL also offers technical support for faculty’s administrators, course developers and students. We also explore and provide video conferencing with Clickmeeting.



We believe that competition is less effective than cooperation. Therefore, we participate in collaborative projects and take them very seriously. If you are looking for a committed, creative and experienced partner in the field of blended learning – contact us!

Our current and previous projects


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