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Webinar studio & webinars

We would like to invite you to our webinar studio!

We aimed to create a perfect webinar space for our employees. The studio consists of two separate rooms. Studio 1 is smaller and more comfortable for one person, whereas Studio 2 allows more people to attend a meeting.

It is widely known that apart from a substantive layer, it is the quality of the sound and image which creates a successful webinar. Consequently, our studio is equipped with a Marantz Turret audio-video system, a Sony camera with a high-class lens and optical zoom for clear scene composition, and a multi-beam microphone with a noise reduction system. A Background changing system provides a uniform background in the studio, which does not distract webinar participants. LED lamps ensure the even exposure of a presenter, whereas sound-absorbing curtains and acoustic absorbers provide silence during the webinar. The studio is equipped with a Wacom tablet, which also allows entering content in a traditional way by writing on a sheet of paper. We also have a fast and stable internet connection that will ensure the continuity of your webinar, without any stressful interruptions.

Professional equipment and separate rooms will not only save your time, but also help you to focus on your lecture or meeting in a comfortable environment.

We are always willing to help you with your webinars – we offer training, as well as individual consultations.

Book a studio:

Your e-mail should include a date and time of your webinar and the number of a chosen studio.

See you at the webinar!

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