Certification: academic e-learning

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Certification: academic e-learning

Why is it worth doing it?

This course will help you develop a practical understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own practice.

Who is it for?

We know that during the pandemic, teachers did a tremendous job and learnt how to move to online classes in a short period of time. During this training you will not have to repeat what you already know – we want to provide you with high-quality feedback, show some useful learning methods online and give you the opportunity to plan your further development in the field.

What will you learn?

    • how to set up and start your course using Moodle platform (Week 1)
    • how to design a basic online activity on Moodle platform (Week 2)
    • how to build and teach a blended learning course which is a hybrid of different teaching modalities (Week 3)
    • how to design and host engaging webinars (Week 3)
    • the principles of instructional design for online courses and how to apply them to your own teaching (workshop in Week 4)

The training consists of two parts:

    • Online: 10 hours of online training over three weeks
    • Workshops: 2h online or stationary

Online classes are held asynchronously. This means that during a given week of training you study in a self-paced manner and you can connect with materials, peers, and instructors on your own schedule. The only exceptions are the in-training Blended Learning webinar and the final workshop (the dates are fixed).